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  2. Going to make today my BITCH!

  3. Yesterday
  4. Scheduled the CCNA Security Exam for Tomorrow.

  5. got the new switches to replace the broken keys on my keyboard. the replacement was a success. however, 3 keys now don't work. looks like the logic controller got damaged either through Electrostatic Discharge or me doing something durrrrrr by mistake. oh well. crap happens.

  6. Last week
  7. I want one of these

  8. It's a great day for a ride

  9. I now have 4non blonds stuck in my head

  10. This is going to be a busy week. Followed by another busy week upstate in ny

  11. I picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue

  12. Earlier

  14. Forgot how epic the church fight scene in the kingsmen was

  15. I Should print this out and put it on my door to my room.

  16. For some reason I am in the mood for eggs Benedict.

  17. Remember you need to hagle before encrypting your traffic.

  18. Another crappy weather day


  20. What a rainy and dreary day.


  22. 48 wins 0 losses in 50 cc class. All maps first place in Mario kart 8. Taking a break then working on 100 cc.

  23. DAMN you blue shells

  24. Mario kart logic. When you are in first place we will only give you banana peels and coins.

  25. Got me Mario kart 8 deluxe. Wabbalubbadubbdubb

  26. This is an interesting anime. First episode down. Time to wait for the others to air

  27. I've seen this going around and it got me wondering how it would turn out.

    Describe how we met using a GIF.

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