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  1. why does that not surprise me?
  2. double 00 was awesome. i really wanna wanna see this movie. i had the chance when i was at NYCC/NYAF in 2010. but i went to book signings, and subsequently started a manhunt across the show floor(involving Naota and many others, plus a famous fellow named Voltaire). but i want to find it on DVD. i have the 1/144 models of the Zabaniya and Harute. still need the other two but.... like i said gotta find the DVD
  3. Hi My Name Is Ashlex In Pearl

    welcome to the forums!!!!
  4. Word Association Game.

  5. Tell Me About Your Avatar And User Name

    vash is sooo right though =P
  6. Uhm... Hello.

    agreed with you there naota
  7. Hello

    i agree with the others, if you need any help feel free to ask.
  8. Let Me Introduce Myself...

    hello and welcome to the forums!!! hope you find it fun and entertaining!
  9. Planechase 2012 Edition Deck Lists....

    well it will soon be out and they put up the deck lists. the rules are still the same the only real difference is the phenomenon card. lemme know what you guys think... then ill tell you what i think http://www.wizards.com/Magic/Magazine/Article.aspx?x=mtg/daily/arcana/981
  10. Greetings My Name Is Gendo Ikari

    well obviously the second impact.........
  11. Tell Me About Your Avatar And User Name

    i agree with naota on that one gendo! @ Naota i see i am mentioned by an old title..... i would be scard if you and drak remembered them all XD
  12. Uhm... Hello.

    Heyo there Tsunderita! welcome to our happy lil group!
  13. Whats Your Favorite Sport?

    sounds about right for a man like Gendo.... i guess knife throwing is a form of sport much like darts which i play and billiards
  14. Greetings My Name Is Gendo Ikari

    merry meet and happy greet Gendo. glad to see you are still among the living so to speak i cant wait to see your insight into many of the topics here =D
  15. Word Association Game.

    Lamborgini diablo