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  1. Gurren Lagann Season 2?

    Found this interesting article, one can be hopefull http://www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-522403/gurren-lagann-season-2
  2. Kittykatz

  3. Latest Thoughts

    LT: Why does Tiki have it stuck in his head that he puts up with ME?
  4. Name That Anime Character

  5. Latest Thoughts

    LT: Why is it that so many people cant figure out which cable is their power cable? you know.. the one plugged into the outlet?
  6. Fat Kid Rules The World.

    hmm.. I will have to promote this, congrats to your friend.
  7. Magic The Gathering Announcements

    So... who wants to take on my vamp deck?
  8. Sup Everyone

    Bowling he does fairly well, never mine the smell of creamsicle that follows him everywhere. Now if only I could stop ripping my pants...
  9. December 2011

    I still have to watch spice and wolf.. on my to watch list for now.
  10. I got Google + now (He He He)

  11. Latest Thoughts

    LT: what is up with google+? It's taking over the world! Quick, we need our tyrant to block google's attempt!
  12. Toyota = Winning#

    Sigh.. there's no helping some.
  13. Toyota = Winning#

    You both realize that they're all under 18?
  14. Did Someone Order... Party?

    Ascend... ascend you say? Les you forget, I am fallen angel!
  15. Did Someone Order... Party?

    Ah... but they do now... He strikes again! and that's LORD newbie! I shall be no less!