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  1. ohhh! Tower of Druaga was not bad, they had the second season, but I haven't continue it. I'm now following some new series of this Oct, and Hitotose is a good one out of all of them, healing type anime, for people who likes AIRA will probably like this. Also watching Future Diary too, it's about those people who have a cellphone that can tell what will happen in the future, kinda creepy but I like it. Oct new series are all pretty good, I'm looking forward to them
  2. Moonsia Say Hi!

    Hi all My name is Moonsia, love drawing mangas, making games, and a anime lover off course! I'm originally from Taiwan, currently a game artist, but my dream is to become a manga artist after. Nice to meat all of you, and hope we all enjoy the rest of our days in here.
  3. Welcome to the forums Moonsia :)