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  1. Tales Series

    The "Tales" series are RPGs created by Namco Bandai Games. They date back to 1995 with the release of Tales of Phantasia, and the newest in the main series of games is Tales of Xillia, with Tales of Xillia 2 just announced at Tales of Festival 2012. The "Tales" games are split into two groups: Mothership titles and Escort Titles. Mothership titles are considered the main series of games, and the Escort titles, with the exception of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon, which are sequels to their respective games, are considered side stories to the series. These are the games that have been released in the US: Tales of Phantasia(GBA port) Tales of Destiny(PS1) Tales of Eternia(PS1, released here as Tales of Destiny 2 due to copyrights to the name Eternia held by Mattel) Tales of Symphonia(Gamecube) Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World(Wii) Tales of Legendia(PS2) Tales of the Abyss(PS2) Tales of Vesperia(Xbox 360 version) Tales of Graces f(PS3) Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology(PSP) These ones have NOT been released in the US: Tales of Destiny 2(PS2, PSP) Tales of Rebirth(PS2, PSP) Tales of Innocence(DS, Vita) Tales of Hearts(DS) Tales of Xillia(PS3) It may be coming out in Europe, though. Coming to the US and Europe next year. Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon(Gameboy Color) Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2/3(PSP) Tales of the Tempest(DS) Tales of Fandom Vol. 1/2(PS2) Tales of Mobile series(mobile phones) Tales of Vs.(PSP) Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave(PSP) Here, we can talk about this series, like games we have played, would like to play, and anything related to any particular game.
  2. Latest Thoughts

    I saw it on the Facebook page. Sega's post currently has over 21,000 likes and over 14,000 Shares. Edit: Now it's at 23,010+ Likes and 15,130+ Shares.
  3. Speaking of Doctor Who, I saw one of the DVDs at FYE. It was the season with the 9th Doctor...for $80. I guess his run was pretty good. XD
  4. Latest Thoughts

    LT: Looks like Sega might be bringing one of the Hatsune Miku games over if their page gets enough attention. If anyone is interested, here's the page:
  5. Latest Thoughts

    @Kenshin. Sorry for the late reply, but yeah, Project X Zone is basically a follow up to Namco x Capcom.
  6. Latest Thoughts

    LT: Holy crap, Project X Zone is getting brought over here! Here's the Wikipedia page for those interested:
  7. Latest Thoughts

    LT: Well, I'm going to the Anime Central convention this year. Time to start saving up a lot. DX
  8. Anime Is Satan Facebook Group

    I'll sign it, though I still think the one who made the group is just doing it to screw with people
  9. Anime Is Satan Facebook Group

    Is it on
  10. Anime Is Satan Facebook Group

    Is there a way to get rid of offensive Faebook groups like them?
  11. Anime Is Satan Facebook Group

    I'm just going to ignore that page, and not give them any undeserved attention. Someone else can probably come up with a better idea on what to do with them than me, though.
  12. Anime Is Satan Facebook Group

    I'm still calling it a troll page, and their bad grammar is not helping: "We gtta rid thi evil from the grip of our children n felow christians! Its our opinion but itz tru! we wont stop util those satanic cartoons or "anime" is purged n bann frm existince. god bless." 9 things came up under spell check there. And an early post by them: "suu meh nefyu waz veseten mi wif an i at hour tralur hiz nam is earl an i remebur im bein a guud kid butt wen he cam todai i noteced sumtin difurent abut him hez waz wuurin sum stranj medal doohikii on hiz heed dat luuk lik sum devil moonspeak i axed him "boi wut yuu tryn tuh duu atract litenin" he sed "nuu unkl skeeter ima ninjah an mii naim aint earl nuu mor it be gayyrah(rrr sumtin lik dat)" i thot nutin of it til i caut dah boi trin tuh drown mi son in san tossin dah stuf lik poop ina ol folks home i yeld at dah boi "WAT YUU DUUIN BOI DAS MI SON" he sed dai wus jus plain nuruduu mi son iz onli 4 yers ol he cuud hav died tuh dai yah see dat nuruudoo animu garbag iz trin tuh fil yur mind wit murdur an it almus tuuk meh son" I'm not even going to try and count all of those intentional errors. And some of the people responding are clearly just messing around. (ie someone comparing Nagisa from Clannad to Satan. I can't take that seriously. ) I'd say ignore them unless there's some way to remove them.
  13. Tenchi Muyo

    I loved seeing that on Toonami, and I have one of the first series' DVDs at the moment.
  14. Anime Is Satan Facebook Group

    They can't be serious... After looking on that page for a few minutes, I have noted some things: 1. Some of the pictures border between hilarious and slightly horrifying, especially their avatar. 2. Those people saying they'll kill the user are not helping matters, assuming they are serious, but... 3. I'm calling it now, there is next to no chance they aren't trolling.
  15. I was reading these two series some time ago: -The Secret Notes of Lady Kanoko -Animal Academy: Hakobune Hakusho Unfortunately, Tokyopop had the rights to them, and they are now defunct. DX
  16. Latest Thoughts

    Like what?
  17. Latest Thoughts

    LT: Sorry I have not been on recently. ^^;
  18. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year. ^^
  19. Latest Thoughts

    LT; Well, I ended up getting a Nintendo 3DS recently. It works pretty good, though I don't use the 3D often.
  20. Latest Thoughts

    LT: It seems on the Sega forums, there is a campaign or something to send suggestions to Sega/Sumo for who we'd want as DLC in Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed. Here is the full list for anyone who's interested:
  21. Latest Thoughts

    LT: I saw Wreck-it Ralph on Friday. It was pretty good. ^^
  22. Latest Thoughts

    LT: Me too. How's everyone else on here from NY?
  23. Latest Thoughts

    LT: YES! Corpse Party: Book of Shadows got licensed!
  24. Latest Thoughts

    Hopefully, the get sued. LT: Beaten two Gyms in Pokemon Black 2, so far.
  25. Latest Thoughts

    LT: Nintendo seriously need to start suing PETA for the stupid games they make based off of Nintendo properties, like this, which coincidentally just showed up one day after Pokemon Black/White 2 came out: