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  1. Console Games

    I like to play pokemon. pocket monsters for the win!
  2. Word Association Game.

    Chocolate Cake
  3. Anime Word Association Game

    Gundam Wing
  4. Anime Horizons

    I like the fact that you have the affilitates section working. It is good that you can get with other sites with the same interest and network.
  5. How Do You Get Your Anime Fix?

    I get my fix any way possible.
  6. What Is Your Favorite Summertime Otaku Memory?

    The sounds of the cicadea's and eating watermellon. That is my favorite summer time otaku memory.
  7. Latest Thoughts

    LT: If I have to eat another bowl of ramen this week I think I will puke.
  8. Hv Anime's New Name

    Naota I like how the site is coming along. You are making vast improvements. It is good that you have changed the site's name to something more suitable for the forums. Good Luck with it.
  9. Anime Word Association Game

  10. Disney Cartoons

    Disney Cartoons are good. Aimed towards the childen of each generation. It is also interesting how Disney cartoons and other cartoons of the late 40's and 50's help shaped the Japanamation as we know it.
  11. Hey! The Name's Lolita~

    Yes. Yes. That is good. Those angels can be a total pain in the rear. Especially when it can cause a catastropic disaster.
  12. Hey! The Name's Lolita~

    Welcome to the Forums. Welcome to the site! Don't Let the Angels get you.
  13. I miss Firefly. It was a good show while it lasted. RIP
  14. Nycc - What's In A Convention?

    Naota has pretty much summed everything up in that one post. Each convention has much to do and see. Every convention is different but essentially the same.
  15. Theme Issues 12/12

    Forum Runner's Support is very bad. They are having problems with the plugin and after several tickets they still haven't been able to fix that problem. Hopefully they can get that program working again soon. We had to disable the support from the forums in the mean time.