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  • Interests Ah, well, Anime, TV and movies seem like a given n.n I like reading - actual novels and manga, but mostly fanfiction because I'm a fangirl like that (don't worry though, I really don't bite). Mm, I really like to write though! And I absolutely love foreign languages ^o^
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    Let Me Introduce Myself...

    Hello there, I'm FujimoriChikaru - "Chikaru" for short is fine, but I'll respond to any variation of this for a nickname - and I'm seventeen years old. I'm actually way behind on anime, but I'm hoping to catch up over the summer ^^;; I'm not a huge fan of video games anymore (sad times), but I do enjoy a good RPG when I'm in the mood (and if I have one to begin with). I probably seem kinda boring, but I don't bite, so talk to me whenever n.n I hope to get along well with all of you! This place looks really cool - props to whoever made this ^o^ Ja Ne =D!
  2. Welcome to the forums FujimoriChikaru :)

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      Ah, thank you; I'm sure I'll enjoy my time here ^^