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  1. Hey! The Name's Lolita~

    Lol. I'll try to survive!
  2. Hey! The Name's Lolita~

    Yup. Lol. I'm very happy to see people reply.
  3. Hey! The Name's Lolita~

    Thank you! :D
  4. Hey! The Name's Lolita~

    I'll keep that in mind! Like I mentioned, very new to the area so still working on making friend. Lol.
  5. Hey! The Name's Lolita~

    Thank you! :3 I'll be sure to take you up on the offer if needed.
  6. Hey! The Name's Lolita~

    Well. Okay. Maybe my name isn't Lolita, and maybe it's Ashlee - but hey, Lolita's more fun. But. I guess I should be typing up an introduction... I'm 18. I'm new to the area - new to New York. I don't really know a whole lot of people up here. Especially ones with similar interests. I'm pretty corky. I have a lame sense of humor. I'm shy, but can be talkative if you're willing to talk to me. I like a lot of anime. I'll list a few here: Bakemonogatari, Hellsing Ultimate, Blood C, ToraDora!, Lucky Star, Strawberry Panic!, Black Rock Shooter, and High School of the Dead. I also enjoy video games. My current addiction is Skyrim. It's about the only game I play anymore. I fancy myself as a bit of an artist. I'm not the best, but I try. I love connecting with other artists. It's always inspiring! AND. I think that's it. I'm open to chatting. If you have any questions, go for it! Thanks for reading!
  7. Welcome to the forums ProfessorLolita