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  1. Latest Thoughts

    Ah well then congrats on the 20 pounds! Glad the doctor visit wasn't too bad as well. LOLs I guess this is where I get to say "chill out man"
  2. Latest Thoughts

    Ouch, hope it's nothing serious... LT: I can do over 400lbs on a rack pull now.
  3. Latest Thoughts

    LT: I think we ran out of thoughts. Sent from my DROID RAZR using Xparent Red Tapatalk 2
  4. Hey! The Name's Lolita~

    Welcome to the forums! Sent from my DROID RAZR using Xparent Red Tapatalk 2
  5. What Is Your Favorite Summertime Otaku Memory?

    LOL, Pokemon drowning FTW!
  6. I've heard of that show. Wasn't it canceled earlier than what was originally planned?
  7. Anime Is Satan Facebook Group

    LOL, nice.
  8. Latest Thoughts

    LT: Happy Easter everyone!
  9. Rules: 1. Vote for who you think would win in a fight (assume they're in an arena that gives both combatants idea conditions no matter how different they are) 2. Post your reasons. 3. Agree or Disagree with the other posters 4. Have fun I thought I'd try something different for a forum game. In this match up we have Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist vs Naruto Uzumaki from Naruto. Who would win? Edward with his alchemy or Naruto with his jutso?
  10. Facebook Style Chat Testing

    Found it and tested with Naota...there's only one problem with the attachments...I don't have permission to view them so I can only make assumptions on how awesome they are.
  11. Facebook Style Chat Testing

    Um...where does one find this mythic chat you speaketh of?
  12. Latest Thoughts

    Girls and everytime. LT: One could try running some events through the forums and advertising for them on the Facebook page thereby getting people to come here to find out about them. Also why wait for conventions, if most people live relatively close together try and put together an anime watching event or something. Nothing elaborate, just something to get people together in one area to watch anime, talk about manga, show off their little collectables, talk about anime, etc, which, again, can be organized through the forums. You have them all creating their accounts so why not send mass mailings to announce it/get people in here to talk about it, etc?
  13. Latest Thoughts

    Nice Congrats! :D LT: There were plenty of hotties at the gym this morning. And people wonder why I can be so motivated to go.
  14. Latest Thoughts

    Sounds like a fun project IMO Though the arm going numb again and again can get anoying. LT: Too bad there's only one of me. If I could make temporary copies of myself I could work on the switches, the new reverse DNS issues of today, the VPN router migration from one WAN IP to another, continue my never ending fight with the backup system, work on the iPad and laptop I need to get setup for the users, man the help desk, and go out and get laid all at the same time.
  15. Latest Thoughts

    That shouldn't be too bad. Are there already cuts in the walls for wallplates or are you just putting them in along side other things like phone jacks? IMO fishing cables is fun. Yeah sometimes they get snagged or the fish tape lets go of the cable because it got stuck and you pulled real hard on it, but still fun IMO. It has a feeling of "accomplishment" when it's done. Conduit (even flex conduit) makes it easier, but I've still had it get stuck. LT: I'm off Monday for President's Day. yay! I can relax and recharge.
  16. Latest Thoughts

    I thought so. Thanks @naota: Now that you mention it I'll have to check on VTP. I'm 99% certain they're all in transparent mode, but I'll double check as the more I got into it, the more of a mess I'm finding... When they first got the switches, they had an outside company make the configs for them and they've been "updated" since and now we have a mess of not knowing what is where etc and I've been struggling with putting the pieces together. Their "documentation", turns out, is a collection of configs for them and a utility they use to see what IP is on what switch port. So it's a much larger mess than I had anticipated with no standardization for switch port setup, trunks to other switches on random ports, etc. The only "diagram" is a floor map of port numbers for the patch panels. And....their "trunk" from the Cisco L3 stack to HP L3 switch is just an unconfigured port on both sides.......AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! LT: Why is it that it's only when things go wrong that you find out how bad things are setup? Then you're stuck with what you have because they don't want to spend the time to fix it properly...(ok..deep breath) Hope you get over the flu soon. Moving is bad enough, but moving + flu has got to be hell.
  17. Latest Thoughts

    Good idea, though it's an HP L3 switch. I know it's not the cabling as I can take a tester to it and see it's fine. Also all the cables from the patch pannels to the switches are factory made (for some reason the boss has a phobia of making network cables but doesn't mind making phone lines--never did get that) but they all test good and the simple swap the cable with a new one yeilded the same results so it's either we have a lot of bad NICs or the switch. The switch itself is about 4 years old and has been through multiple power surges from old UPSs failing before the UPSs were replaced. LT: Nothing like working on a Sunday to do something simple (reboot switches) and have the voice vlan become inaccessible while you're the only one there. At least it was only a matter of rebooting our Cisco L3 switch stack. Apparently it looks like the slave came up before the master.
  18. Latest Thoughts

    LOL damn strait I do! Congrats on the move BTW. LT: Speaking of documentation, it looks like I may be redoing most of ours at work pretty soon (and i'm glad for it too as it's been bugging the hell out of me *must...resist...long..rant*). We're randomly dropping packets to certain servers and branches and it looks like we may have one of our core layer 3 switches starting to go bad. We're hoping not due to the cost of replacing it as we're just a small non-profit after all. Hopefully my cold reboot of it tomorrow morning will take care of it, but I have a feeling it's on its last legs so it may only buy us some time. Anytime a switch starts dropping packets on most of its ports is not a good sign.
  19. Latest Thoughts

    Congrats That sounds real interesting. I heard about the PS2 game Namco x Capcom, isn't this a follow up to that? LT: Tomorrow I'm hoping to break 300 on the dead lifts.
  20. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year! May this year be better than last year Did anyone make new year resolutions?
  21. Happy New Year!

    Good luck on the house closing When I hit the 2 deer in the same year they died instantly. Though I did run the 2nd one over again to be sure.
  22. Latest Thoughts

    Get people interested in going to the NY Anime Fest and get them to organize the trip here on the forums. LT: I got a free webcam.
  23. Anime Is Satan Facebook Group

    Terrific, another trolling page and another post on a forum by some uninformed zealot... Well at least the solution is simple, even with law enforcement and others monitoring social networking sites. Close web browser. Change settings to connect through proxy from another country. Register a fake account. Make Facebook pages explaining why all the things they like are evil and satanic. Let the sparks fly as everyone is entitled to an "opinion". (j/k of course) On a more serious note, I say let them have their little page and 15 minutes of fame. When the dust settles we have nothing to hide here. It's not like anime tries to hit what it really is unlike so many other "approved" things they like. Anime has something they don't. Honesty.
  24. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year ani12 Yikes that sucks. At least there was no damage to you or the car. Did you kill the deer dead? How's the new shift working out for you?
  25. Latest Thoughts

    For some reason, I just don't have any desire to get a Wii or Wii U... LT: I spent most of this new year sick, but I'm finally better. ....and I hate MS SQL Server.