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  1. Hello

    Welcome to the group. What anime are you into?
  2. Currently At Otakon

    I was a lot of fun. My age is getting to me. I feel out of place there. I think this year might be my last vist. Off to Japan next year. :D
  3. Which Conventions Have You Attended?

    Ohh forgot I attended Pax in 2010
  4. Which Conventions Have You Attended?

    naota try going to "Anime next". It's less than 2hrs away.
  5. Which Conventions Have You Attended?

    Anime next 5-6 times don't remember Manga next 3 times NYAnime feat/NYCC 1 times Otakon 3 times. (currently at otakon) Unrelated cons Evo fighting game finals 3 times.
  6. Currently At Otakon

    Day 2 is awesome. I took about 50 pics and it's just 2. I'm also thinking about doing some interview for the site. :D
  7. Currently At Otakon

    I don't own a camera. Only A camera phone. I will do my best with what I have
  8. Currently At Otakon

    Just got to Baltimore. Currently standing in a line that's about 1/2 mile long.
  9. I Am Vash The Stampeede

    Vash I see you made it out of the "Badlands Rumble"