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  1. Name That Quote

    MY LOVE FOR YOU WILL STOP THIS CAR! ( eminently afterword he gets pulled into the car's wheel wall)
  2. Name That Quote

    Carter From rush hour 3
  3. Name That Quote

    yes my unconventional conventionalists
  4. Name That Quote

    And crawling, on the planet's face, some insects, called the human race. Lost in time, and lost in space... and meaning.
  5. Nerd Quiz Game

    wow you got it
  6. Nerd Quiz Game

    what is the population of angel grove the city were mighty morphin power rangers live
  7. Nerd Quiz Game

    ok i'm reseting the game and for now on each question has a week long lifespan
  8. Name That Quote

    ollie williams from family guy
  9. Name That Quote

    ka yep
  10. Name That Quote

    Teleport to us five overbearing and over-emotional humans
  11. Name That Quote

  12. Name That Quote

    zero wing
  13. Name That Quote

  14. Name That Quote

    And if R-Kelly Go to jail Ill Piss On Yo Cat!
  15. Name That Quote

    eris from cat planet cuies?