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  1. Nerd Quiz Game

    1) Eric Corley 2) Emmanuel Goldstein 3) Nineteen Eighty-Four its a month late, but maybe its right? lol
  2. Name That Anime Character

    sp346 answered correctly
  3. Nerd Quiz Game

    Aya and Aki Mikage
  4. Name That Anime Character

    I'm her magesty's guard dog. I lost both my parents and my home on my birthday. I promised my soul to a demon in exchange for exacting revenge. Who am I?
  5. Name That Anime Character

    Koyomi Araragi from Bakemonogatari
  6. Name That Anime Character

    u gots it ^+^
  7. Name That Anime Character

    My mom is a third type android. My father is a renegade cop living with a different name. I have a photographic memory. I'm a human. Who am I?
  8. Name That Anime Character

    Kensuke Aida
  9. Name That Anime Character

    naota is correct--to easy huh?
  10. Shows Of Our Childhood !

    mine are also in no particular order lolz 1. Daria 2. Will & Grace 3. Clarissa Explains it All 4. Pokemon 5. Are You Afraid of the Dark? 6. Invader Zim 7.Legends of the Hidden Temple 8. GUTS 9. Power Rangers 10. Digimon
  11. Name That Anime Character

    I'm in Class F because I left mid-way during the entrance exam. My health is poor, I'm easily jealous, and I'm very naive. My avatar has a large sword for a weapon.
  12. Name That Anime Character

    Holo from Spice and Wolf
  13. Which Manga Series Are You Into?

    just finished reading a bunch of gender-bender manga online lol Boy of the Female Wolf (up to latest released chapter) Houou Gakuen Misoragumi Idol Shopping Love in the Mask Uwasa no Midori Kun (up to latest chapter) Vanilla Ice
  14. Nerd Quiz Game

    03spirit_wolf93 got it ^+^
  15. Nerd Quiz Game

    almost! you're in the right series.. take a look at the clues: 1) This character is the most popular female in school. 2) She has a crush on one of four guys and is the best friend of the main character in this anime/manga/live-action drama. 3) The original creator of the anime and the author/artist of the manga is Tomoko Hayakawa 4) The main character is a spooky girl who likes horror movies