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  1. Lootcrate/nerdbox

    Have you used these monthly subs and which one do you prefer? Right now im leaning towards LootCrate
  2. What Is Your Favorite Summertime Otaku Memory?

    I remember toonami and DBZ. Watched YuYu hakusho and remember how pumped it used to make me. I love having a DVR and on demand and everything but there was something special about "your show" being on at 230 and if you didnt watch it then you didn't see it, end of story
  3. Let Me Introduce Myself...

  4. Name That Anime Character

    And you would be correct sir... Continue
  5. Name That Anime Character

    Okay.. hmm.. I'm a sadistic killer. I have two personalities. People made fun of me when I was a child
  6. Name That Anime Character

    im thinking... Shinji Ikari???
  7. What Anime Series Are You Currently Watching Right Now?

    Took a very long sabbatical from Anime. I have evangelion 1.1 pending just waiting till I have enough time to watch it. Probably going to re-watch the Hellsing OVAs because I remember enjoying them so much. So naota did you enjoy the ending Blood+? No more Diva or chiropterans to kill.. and Saya pronounced her love to Haji but she fell asleep.. does Blood C pick up off after this?
  8. .hack//sign

    I remember watching the dubbed series and thought it was an interesting concept but the plot was too convoluted. I agree the music definately was the best and most memorable part of the series