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  1. Kinopio

    Chopsticks Ny Magazine

    Thanks for the responses so far, and although I appreciate the ethusiasm, I just think posting on twitter etc is getting a little too carried away The magazine actually does feature events such as the cherry blossom fest and Asian Film fest and concerts as mentioned, but I will be sure they contiune this. There are also restaurant reviews of sorts, not exactly a critique per se, but more of an introduction. You have to understand this is a free publication, so it relies on advertising even more so than those that have paid subscriptions, which means any sort of reviews won't be negative. With that being said, I would like more input on what anime fans would think is beneficial to both getting new information and generating more distribution for the magazine. I have a few suggestions in mind, but again, there may be trends that are quite popular and in demand which I'm not aware of because I'm more of an old-school soul. Lastly, when you say dumplings, do you mean gyoza served in Japanese restaurants or Chinese dumplings? Oh I love a group that likes to eat, I make a mean okonomiyaki and also tonkatsu.
  2. Not exactly sure where to post this, though it is Anime related, this isn't about any upcoming titles etc. Please feel free to move this thread to the appropriate place. Well folks, I have been chosen as part of the panel who will discuss ideas on Chopsticks NY magazine's makeover. The magazine is a monthly free publication that focuses on Japanese culture in NY, please check out its website for more details. There's currently a column on manga, there are advertisements for anime and manga, but I would like to voice my opinion on expanding its anime coverage, so I'd appreciate input from fellow anime fans on what should be featured, which then I would compile and present to the panel. Keep in mind that there's, I believe, only one printed magazine on anime that is still in circulation, seeing that Animerica, Newtype USA, and even Protoculture Addicts have all ceased to exist in print. Please let me know what you think, and suggestions can be outside of anime and manga, as long as they are regarding Japanese culture, thanks!
  3. Kinopio

    Which Manga Series Are You Into?

    Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, every volume, always waiting for the new release Rin-ne, but waiting for few volumes at a time
  4. Kinopio

    Which Conventions Have You Attended?

    Let's see... Tokyo Game Show (years ago, freebies were plentiful) NYCC & NYAF (3 times I believe, when they were actually separate conventions) Speaking of which, NYAF is now a joke. I'm sorely disappointed in the lack of presence of NYAF, even though it is advertised as its own entity in conjunction with NYCC...No sir, no it is not.
  5. Kinopio

    My Name Is Kinopio

    部屋をあかるくして近づきすぎないようにして読んでくださいね Greetings everyone, Fellow Anime enthusiast here, though not in Hudson Valley (I reside in mid Westchester county), looking for those who share a genuine passion and not a fickle fad craze for Anime. I tend to be drawn to old-school productions, especially those before my time, then was disheartened during the last decade (2000's) what with the maid cafes and Moe pedophlia, but now feel a renewed confidence in Anime for this decade, much thanks to Ikuhara's Mawaru Penguindrum. So I'm hoping to find those who share fond memories of days when Anime wasn't oversaturated, when it was available on a 4th generation VHS, when it attained its cult status...or just fans who can hold great conversations without challenging me to count how many times Goku screamed in a filler episode. I don't identify myself as an otaku, and actually find that term to be a bit offensive, but I don't mind if you embrace it, just don't use it when referring to me. Forums and online chats are great, though I much rather meet in group outings or attend conventions together. Are there regular meetings scheduled for this group? I look forward to meeting everyone. PS: The Topic Title translates to "please be sure room is well-lit and do not sit too close when reading" in case anyone's wondering.