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  1. i try i really do try naota
  2. HAHA "TIME?" what is that i never heard of such of thing lol. @Vash yeah btw work and *cough* "my family" i really don't get around to do much now with the semester over it should be i have some of what you guys call "time" yeah.....no....not really
  3. Naomi

    Nice to meet you!

  4. sorry that was an epic fail on my part tyki..........im def no good at this forum thing DX
  5. I know Naota and Drakenfyre75 from college as well some of the others here on this site. My name actually came from a doll I have. His full name is Ryuunosuke but Ryuu for short and as far as the avatar, sailor moon was what got me into anime and sailor mars was always my favorite in the show :3
  6. Ryuu

    Hello There Everyone

    Pleasure is all mine Vash
  7. Yeah everyone has some interesting insight in this topic, I was reading DANCE IN THE VAMPIRE BUND and when i watched the anime the queen vampire is blonde in the manga she bounce btw blonde and pink hair, annoying but if i ever wanted to cosplay her, its like which one is the most common that i would use in her hair color.....speaking of manga i just torn apart my bookcase, now im organizing them again lol
  8. Ryuu

    Hello There Everyone

    @Naota - i enjoyed KITE, cute killer assassin girl with rocking contacts and ninja skills falling in love with a cop lmao @Kenshin - You must not know my friend Boss she would definately intro you to Black Butler, high socitey murder, demon bulters yes yes its wonderful @Vash - thank you for the greeting
  9. Since i really do enjoying reading so much, my favorite reading material is a good novel series. I find that now after I've read the novels and series is over, magically a manga series is started and I'm back to reading and buying the manga. But there is a difference, example James Patterson's "Maximum Ride" series. Awesome and totally blew my mind, now there's a manga series. I can't complain that is actually follows the books to a tee but I'm alil PO'd at the fact the artist choose to make Max a blonde theres nothing wrong with them just she was never a blonde in the books so is irritates me alil. But what I'm getting at is when you read a novel series and then find the manga series, which do you like better and why? Even if there minor or majors problems with the manga. Is it better knowing the an artist put a face to the character you only imagined in you head looked like while reading the novel. Or is it better that you never touched the manga and let you imagination make up the likeness of the characters your reading about? What series have you read thats been turned or is in the process of turning into a manga? or anime series?
  10. Naota i agree with you on the the M&M commerical that had me going. The game though was still awesome, my brother owns me money still lol and my best friend owns me a backrub lmao xD personally im not much of a football fan, i enjoy volleyball, swimming and cannot wait till the Olympics, Misty Mae Treanor is my Idol
  11. Ryuu

    Hello There Everyone

    ya know Naota you know me you should know how deprived i can be so i kinda find things to fill my "time" in a sense lol
  12. Ryuu

    What Video Games Are You Currently Playing?

    yes yes extensive indeed, i do dabble a bit in COD every now and again and Gears but Ezio and the assassins still have my soul. kinda like how Sora and the gang had me up till wee hour of the morning playing kingdom hearts (which i can proudly say i own all the games in the kingdom hearts series and have the new game pre ordered even though theres no damn release date) im qiute happy nonetheless and quite frankly games provide and escape from reality and such. It also jogs my imagination (im an art student kinda suppose to have one) but every now and again it needs a kick start.
  13. Ryuu

    What Video Games Are You Currently Playing?

    I'm currently have been involved in a year long game-a-thon with Persona Portable 3 for the psp, on the dsi I still haven't beat pokemon white and black and Im on the last level in pokemon rumble (its frustrating so i put in down for a while) on the xbox (since i know own my own xbox though it permemantly at a friends house till i move out) i restart AC, AC2, ACBrotherhood and I'n half way through AC Revalations (this series is awesome regardless of what anyone else says) also I playing soul cailber 5 (heehee) got the game only becasue Ezio is a playable character lol XD, let's see on my pc I'm starting DC universe online, I have and beaten Portal and Portal 2 (hmm now that I think about it my username should have been Wheatley. . . oh well) and I think thats everything I'm playing at this moment
  14. Ryuu

    Hello There Everyone

    Kenshin, i've watched black butler, sailor moon (my childhood heros), oh my goddess, Kite the movie.....umm oh jeez I'mm going to have to make a list adn get back to you on that....expect a list...maybe lol