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  1. sp346

    Japanese Movie And Noodle Night

    Just a reminder, tonight is Patlabor at 7pm. Hope to see you there. I'm the crazy lady with the 2 kids who's more into anime than her kids
  2. Did you know there are some cool and nerdy stuff going on in the Hudson Valley? Would anybody like to share some of them? There is a Doctor Who themed restaurant in Beacon called the Pandorica. I used to go there for board game night but they have since stopped doing it (any recommendations for another board game place?) https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Pandorica/819377074747184 The Wallkill Public Library has a teen anime club. They were showing some movies during the summer. Not sure if they will continue during the year. Newburgh Brewery does trivia night every Wednesday http://www.newburghbrewing.com/events/
  3. sp346

    Attack On Titan

    Also, very violent with lots of deaths.
  4. sp346

    Japanese Movie And Noodle Night

    August 28th Movie will be Patlabor. Met the guy who runs the movie night. He said he takes requests and tries to accommodate them as best as possible. Maybe HV Anime should have a monthly gathering to watch movies here.
  5. sp346

    Japanese Movie And Noodle Night

    Today's movie is From Up on Poppy Hill Movie starts at 7pm
  6. sp346

    Attack On Titan

    I really liked it. One of those shows with storylines that are way more complex than what they start out as. It is serious, no comedy elements. I usually don't like to watch shows that aren't complete because then you have to wait for the next season to come out. This one really leaves your hanging with more questions than started and nothing is resolved at the end of season 1.
  7. sp346

    Kill La Kill

    That is one of the shows on my Netflix list. Haven't seen it yet, but you can read the reviews people left on Netflix
  8. sp346

    Favorite Asian Foods

    Food, aahhh. I love food, especially any ethnic ones. Love Japanese noodles. Although udon is my favorite, I like them all. A good sukiyaki during the winter is awesome. Love Korean too. Although barbecue is popular here, I prefer the hot stone pots and the egg pancakes. But the best part is all the little snacks they put out first. As for Indian, I am very picky. Must be good authentic Indian food and I prefer South Indian. The Dosa and Pani Puris. Chinese, love the dimsum. Rest of Chinese food is so so. I guess I've eaten too much bad Chinese that it has made me jaded. For Malaysian, I like the whole fish fried and covered in that spicy sauce. Yum.
  9. sp346

    Japanese Movie And Noodle Night

    Too bad. But it will be worth the wait. I have taken Japanese friends there and they commented how good the food was. Noodles, rice balls and Dumburi. No sushi. Homemade miso. I think it was Tokyo Majin where they keep going to ramen noodle shops. I would always want to go to this restaurant after watching that show, although I don't think they have ramen! If you really want to feel like a Japanese kid, order a Ramune So far I've only made it to one movie night. They do some short features first but start the movies at 8pm. It will be in Japanese with English subtitles.
  10. sp346

    Japanese Movie And Noodle Night

    This place is great. Authentic Japanese noodles. The owner used to host a Japanese language learning via Manga but she stopped because it was too much work. If there is enough interest, maybe she will revive it again. There will also be a Bon-Odori Dance festival in New Paltz. Check it out www.bonodori.org
  11. sp346

    Neon Genesis Evangelion The Movie

    It's the movie from 1997.
  12. sp346

    Magical Girl Shows

    What's your favorite Magical Girl anime and why? I hear they are making a remake of Sailor Moon and hopefully, this time, the English dub won't try to change the show to be heteronormative. For me it started with W.I.T.C.H. which I know isn't anime, but close.
  13. sp346

    Japanese Movie And Noodle Night

    Hope this is the right place to post. Gomen Kudasai, a great Japanese noodle shop in New Paltz is screening a Japanese movie every Thursday night. Many of the movies are anime. Great food and good movies. This Thursday is Neon Genesis Evangelion. For more info, visit their website at http://gomenkudasainy.com/events-3/movies/
  14. I have the opportunity to go watch this movie but I've never seen the anime. Will I be able to understand the story?
  15. sp346

    Fairy Tail - How, Where To Buy

    I have really gotten into Fairy Tale on Netflix, but it only has the first season. I looked on ebay to buy it and I found a box set saying all 5 seasons. However, wikipedia says its only 4 seasons, although there are OVA and a movie. My friend tells me the box sex hasn't been released yet. So now I'm really confused. Can somebody help me figure this out. What is the truth? Has an English version box set been released? Where is the best place to buy. I don't mind it being used. Thanks.