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  1. It seems that chip and dale was popular also in Japan. [media=] Dale is seiyuu of a spike of Cowboy be-bop. Chip is seiyuu of Pein of Naruto. Gadget is seiyuu of Souma Ritsu of a Fruitbasket. Montalley is seiyuu of the father of Yuki Eri of Gravitation. I have not seen only a cowboy heap. Is it interesting?
  2. Naomi

    Nerd Quiz Game

    KittyKatz arrived at the answer by the slim margin. A wreath of Hibiscus and kiss were presented from Stitch. Bonedaddy2k8 was regretful. It is the turn of Senpai.
  3. Naomi

    Anime Letter Ending Game

    Yumeiro Patissiere
  4. Naomi

    Fx-Anime Theme

    In the bright color, the board became legible.(*^^*)
  5. Thank you for teaching in detail! I am the captain of a club in my junior high school days. I am not the captain's vessel. It was very hard.(@[email protected]) But I did my best.
  6. Naomi

    Blue Exorcist

    I would like to meet Amaimon and Mephistopheles again. o(^-^)o
  7. Naomi

    Blue Exorcist

    I want an Ao no exorcist to be resumed again.(;_;) [media=]
  8. Naomi

    Word Association Game.

    Cake sent from my fathers computer
  9. Naomi

    Word Association Game.

  10. Naomi

    Space Brothers.

    This is anime of Sunday morning. I looked at this for the first time last week. It is anime of a peculiar picture. Therefore, I was not looking. But, I thought that it seemed to be a drama, seeing this anime. I have familiarity in the characters who appear. BGM is great. I want OST to upload・・・・・・!. [media=]
  11. Naomi

    Anime Letter Ending Game

    Lucky star
  12. Naomi

    Nerd Quiz Game

    Yes! o(*⌒―⌒*)o I had gone to school. OK! It is the alien which lives in Hawaii or Okinawa. It appears in the king dam hearts. What is the name? Bythe way, I do not know the meaning of Nerd.
  13. Naomi


    @Naota Yes. Although I have not heard opera, But, this may be an opera thing. I also think that this is brave at a symphonic. But, the heroes of this Tytania are the defeat fate・・・・・・. . @Kenshin You are welcome,Kenshin! I do not know whether DVD of this TYTANIA exists・・・・・・. It will be good if a subtitle exists on-line. @KittyKatz Yes, Senpai! It started that I was also charmed by opening and looked at this ANIME in the beginning. And I took to Jouslain or Hyulik.But, I took to their character. It is not a love meaning.! Seeing this ANIME was continued after all.
  14. Naomi

    Word Association Game.

  15. Naomi

    Nerd Quiz Game

    durga of shade?