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    Thank'y kindly. I spend too much time in my fortress of solitude.
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    It's nice to be here. Nice to be anywhere.
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    It's Kogepan, if you aren't into more obscure little anime. I am he and he is me. Little whisp of smoke coming off the head and everything. I, too, feel as if, somewhere along the line, I was jostled off the baking sheet to fall down the back of the oven. I crawled out and rescued myself, but now I'm all hard and dark and crusty and nobody wants me. So, leave me alone and let me drink my strawberry milk and nobody gets hurt, OK? And gridsleep is derived from Pete Townsend's PsychoDerelict, which is his brilliant tour de force rock opera concerning an aging over the hill rock star and his attempt to drag himself from the brink of drowning in Dom Perignon to resuscitate the world with Grid Life. If you are here and you are reading this, you stand on the shore of gridsleep. This is the brink of tomorrow.
  4. No, I'm not a man of wealth and fame. What gave you that idea? I just got off of a binge weekend. After two weeks with some sort of cold... disease horror torture curse of god punishment from hell wishing I were dead at several distinct points particularly the dry heaves where it felt as if the contents of my torso were trying to use my throat as an emergency escape route and they just didn't damn fit... not to mention the three day migraines that had me thinking of reaching for some sort of loaded weapon... when what should give me pause, but that I had not yet watched Haruhi Suzumiya in her entirety, and how was I supposed to snuff it before that happened? I ask you. So, Thursday and Friday I watched TMOHS in its entirety including the Endless 8 which I was not expecting, and after the previous two weeks I was near to snuffing it again thinking that Geneon Yakuza had it in for me for some reason, but I got through it. Didn't see Disappearance until Sunday, I think, or maybe Saturday, because I did not have a copy with subtitles, but now TMOHS is out of the way and my demise can proceed whenever it feels like it. As the weekend progressed I also watched War of the Servers (brilliant ragdoll film using Halo2 and Gary's Mod, check out their website,) Oblivion Island:Haruko and the Magic Mirror, which is a very nice diversion, truly a well made Napoleon of a film, don't forget the whipped cream, and a hanky. Uh, let's see, Saturday was Fractale entire. Then Ergo Proxy entire from Sunday to daybreak today. Not sure if I want to do Texhnolyze or Wolf's Rain again, or maybe Elfen Lied, none of which I saw completely through. Or maybe Gunslinger Girl and Canaan. And I have a distinct urge to dig out Lain. Need to watch that again. Lot's of cheerful stuff, fits my mood. This is who I am. Also been spending a lot of time watching MLP TF2 videos and laughing my freakin ass off. Y'see, I watch a lot of Doctor Who, well, as much as anyone else, I suppose, meaning when it's on I watch it--or actually not anymore since the cable has been shut off and screw-da-loo to them but naota knows what I'm getting at, thank blackbeard for torrent. Also thankfully I have every flipping episode on disk, hard or otherwise--yes, the entirety of the Doctor is at my disposal. But I was trying to find a reference to something in a Doctor Who forum and I saw something that confused me mightily because it referred to nothing I could cogitate: Doctor Whooves. ---what? I knew it had to be referring to something concrete, but it couldn't be some sort of reference to all or several of the Doctors at once, it was just too weird a way to put it. Sort of a contraction of Behooves? No, that made no sense, either. Eh, time to search. Which led me to the somewhat disturbing concept which appears to be rather mundane by now, of the Doctor Who/My Little Pony crossover. OK. Ummm..... More research. MLP:FIM. John de Lancie. TF2. ...Bronies. .........omg... Feels kind of like the first time I went to college and met people who actually played D&D. I mean, I could appreciate their having a pastime, but it was the nature of said pastime that left me feeling that I could not compute? Know whut uh mean? Same thing. I really enjoy some of the MLP satire, it's brilliant (and a lot of trash god why are some people wasting spewtoob bandwidth with that crap-kind of thing knowwhutuhmean?) but to sit and watch MLP:FIM... aaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhreeeeeeeeeerrrraaaaaauhhhhhhhh... eh, unknown, does not compute. Well done, I mean, Lauren Faust, PPG, etc. all great, and PPG was obviously a total send up of the boys' superhero and girls' cutesy shows, (and Professor X drove a Studebaker Avanti and who would realize that but a grownup (although I've been obsessed by that car since I was a kid so I would have appreciated it even if I were nine) so they had to be targeting a multiple demographic,) and while MLP is more toward the latter it does not stray too far from the former for long and is probably nicely balanced but when ponies sing it's time to hit the can, it ain't PPG and there's no MoJoJoJo, and it certainly ain't Samurai Jack (bow to the east.) Anyway so I am overdosed on anime this weekend for want of anything else to do besides contemplating robbing a bank and who hasn't eh? Eh? Ah, ferget it. Funny... I have in the recent few days, though, had some kind of inspiration, leading, where? I am not sure... Corel Painter? Something drawn...? or even animated? But I can see it, sometimes distinct and sometimes murky, and yet always deeply unsettling and suddenly insanely terrifying...... EquiShock Oh my god.... no.... I have the bro-- ...the bug... I'm...infected... killmenow
  5. Welcome to the forums gridsleep :)