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  1. Jay Jagusch

    Which Manga Series Are You Into?

    my top 4 manga/anime series 1: Naruto 2:inuyasha 3:dance in the vimpire band 4:han da go or how ever you spell the manga series about the japanese verson of chess called go
  2. Jay Jagusch

    Anime And Men

    i agree that not just alot of females anime fans are into any kind of anime thats comdey theres alot of anime fans that are into any kind of anime comdey too
  3. Jay Jagusch

    Anything Video Games Topic

    a topic to post about video games this topic do with all types of video games such as platform,anime,tv shows,movies,action,puzzles,action,adversture, and other types of video games from E-M ratings video games it can be any series you want 2 post about such as god of war,kingdom hearts,naruto,inuyasha,blash,little big planet,mario,sonic,rayman,megaman or any other video game series
  4. Jay Jagusch

    Whats Your Favorite/hated Animated Movie

    my favitore movies are the naruto and inuyasha movies even though i have,nt watch them all because i love the naruto and inuyasha series
  5. Welcome to the forums Jay Jagusch