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  1. Phaz

    Thoughts On Soul Eater Not

    Just finished watching the spin off of Soul Eater. I thought it was pretty good but just wondering, did any of you watch it and if so what did you think of it?
  2. Phaz

    Need Anime Recommendations Please

    Ok Thank you for the suggestions!
  3. Phaz

    Need Anime Recommendations Please

    And one more thing about the anime you suggested. One of the key things I liked about Strawberry Panic was the whole school girl setting in the anime (not trying to sound weird or anything). Is that there in the anime you suggested?
  4. Phaz

    Need Anime Recommendations Please

    Alright thanks guys! I'll take a look at all the suggestions. I appreciate it.
  5. Phaz

    Need Anime Recommendations Please

    Thanks guys! Additional Information, similar genre, plot, setting and I think it's better if an anime brings on the feels. And Vash, I will also look into those anime you suggested as well. And thank you for the warm welcome :D
  6. So I just finished watching Strawberry Panic. Very different from anime I usually watch like Soul Eater or Attack on Titan but I absolutely loved it! Is there any other anime similar to Strawberry Panic? I would appreciate recommendations. Thanks
  7. naota

    Welcome to the forums Phaz