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  1. http://www.wizardwor...om/home-pa.html If anyone is going to be in the Philly area later this month, should go and check it out
  2. drakenfyre75

    Tell Me About Your Avatar And User Name

    Yes most of us do know each other, since we all went to the same college and were all apart of the Anime Club there. As for the name...I went with a different spelling of Dragon Fire and the 75 well I'll leave that out of the reason the Avatar is one of the charaters from 07-Ghost that I want to cosplay as one of these years
  3. drakenfyre75

    Anime Weapons And Attack Spells!

    ugh...give me a day or so I'm up to my eyeballs in books and comics
  4. drakenfyre75

    Those Unfinished Anime

    Tokko was only 13 episodes long, there is no second season Toyko Majin was 14 episodes long there is an 2nd Act, but I don't think it ever hit the states Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpucho: Tou 2nd Act (TV) D.G.M was 103 episodes, not sure how far Netflix has shown, but Funi did stop doing the dubbed version a while ago, no word if they are going to pick it back up or not since Fairy Tale is their main money maker Chromed Shell Regios as far as I know is a one season anime with the 24 episodes Claymore is pretty much the same thing, yes it was a major fan favorite, but over in Japan I guess it didn't hit the fandom that it did here DTB there is a second season the Gemini story, in fact there are a few others to that anime/manga DTB: Gemini of the Meteor is the 2nd season Darker than Black - Kuro no Keiyakusha: GaidDarker than Black - Kuro no Keiyakusha: Gaiden (OAV) as for TB yes that one is done and over with, like stated the creator died at a young age of heart failure, if you can find the mangas and the books to go along with it you can see where they story was supposed to go after the end of the anime series
  5. drakenfyre75

    Anime And Women

    OK I get odd looks for being a female liking anime, reading mangas, and building Gundams, playing video/computer games, modding 2 gaming forums, having a mass color streak running thru my hair, and I live in NYC. I have pretty much broken the mold on what is "norm" I like certain reality shows, and yes I've been in the same situation where I was the only one that didn't give a rats behind as to what happened on Desperate Housewives last night, I don't care about the new line Martha Stewart has comming our for home decor or what the newest fall fashion color is. People pretty much don't like or want to know about what they don't know, they are comfy being in their bubble and following what is "popular" hence why all thes lame ass reality shows about Millionare hosewives and all that are in right now. ok rant over
  6. drakenfyre75

    How Did You Get Into Anime?

    OK, I'm going to age myself here, but way way back when the Sci-Fi channel was first out, I think it was either Friday or Saturday nights they had an anime hour that was on at 1am or 2am but I was up late channel surfing and came across Robot Carnival and was hooked after that, I stayed up late weekend nights after that and was introduced to Vampire Hunter D, Those Who Hunt Elves, Blue Seed, ect.
  7. OK I'm going to put my 2 cents in on this, since there is one series in particular that I've read the books, read the manga and watched the anime series of and that's Trinity Blood. I loved the anime becuase it's anime, I loved the manga for the story line that went on after the anime ended, along with the style of drawing that was done, and the books series I can't get enough of and I wish someone else would pick it up since TP died. Now with that said, there are things that a book series can have that just can't be drawn into a manga (as odd as that sounds) and I do get the frustration with the color of the hair being messed up, and this tends to happen when the artist doesn't talk to the author of the book. Manga can also add things in a better look/feel that a book may not get across perfectly (and this can be a huge thing with visual readers). Pretty much I say it's the readers choice to check out both, go with one or the other. I've read a few that have "crossed over" like Soulless, Mardock Scramble, The Ring series, The Twelve Kingdom series, .Hack, Death Note, xxx-Holic, D.Gray-Man, still need to read Battle Royale to make my conclusion on that one, there are also a few others that are still being made into mangas that are based on US authors like the Soulless series.
  8. drakenfyre75

    Chopsticks Ny Magazine

    Very cool, if possbile how about something along the lines of up-comming anime/manga, outside of manga focus on the Cherry Blossom festival that's over at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, the music scene (J-Pop/J-Rock/Visal Kei bands preforming in NYC), The Asian Film Festival, The Internationl Food Festival (Massive Porkbuns and Dumplings!!!)
  9. drakenfyre75

    Moonsia Say Hi!

    Hey Moonsia, welcome to the forums. Glad to have an artist here in the group. Look foward to talking to you.
  10. drakenfyre75

    Anime Weapons And Attack Spells!

    OMG it's Negi!!!!
  11. drakenfyre75

    Hello All

    OMG!!!! who the hell let this noob join the site.....I mean sheesh, bad enuff I live with him LOVE YOU HUNNY!!!!!
  12. drakenfyre75

    Has Anyone Seen Summer Wars?

    I know this is a bit late, but yes I did get Summer Wars for my birthday, and I loved it.
  13. drakenfyre75

    Anime Weapons And Attack Spells!

    OK...since noone got the anime from the spell I gave...I'll be nice and tell all of you it's an attack that means "darkness" from Hartia a.k.a. Black Tiger a.k.a. Shrimp Man from "Sorcerous Stabber Orphen"
  14. drakenfyre75

    Anime Weapons And Attack Spells!

  15. drakenfyre75

    Anime Weapons And Attack Spells!

    WOW it's been 4 days and noone has a guess, what is wrong with you guys, did I really stump all of you?!?!?!?!?