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Manga Review Rules

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  • Members Can post reviews of their favorite Anime, Manga, etc in this forum.
  • Members will not be able to post a review until they reach 25 post.

    • This ensure members are active participants and ensure Community Discussion.
    • [*]You may Write a Site-Quality review or something as simple as a single paragraph. The decision is up to you.

      [*]If you want to discuss an manga you are in the process of reading please post in the appropriate section.

      [*]If you are going to post information about spoilers please use the

      your text here.


      [*]Many members will often use reviews to gauge if they want to read a particular series.

      [*]Everybody has their own opinions; respect them, and they'll respect you. Debating and constructive criticism is fine, flaming is not. It is against the rules.

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