Referral Contest June 2011

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If you haven’t already noticed the new block on the right side of the forums stating Top 5 Referrers and Referral Linkthen you’re in for a treat. We have implemented a new functionality to the forums that allows you the member to refer new members to our site and get credit for them. This system will allow you to either send an email using the referrer management page in your control panel.

You can go to the control panel by clicking on the down arrow by your name at the top of the screen, then clicking on my settings, then click on the referrals tab. Or you can use the linkhttp://forums.hvanim...rrals&area=logsThere you can go ahead use manage friends to invite friends using the forums email system.

It is that easy. If you want an easier way you can also copy and paste the unique referral code found on in the Referral settings section or using the block on the right hand screen. You can email, im or socialize your link using twitter, MySpace, Facebook or whatever social networking system you prefer.

At this point in time were looking for new members. We want our community to grow. We ask that you please try to refer members to our site. We are going to put in an award for the most active registrations that a member refers.

If you refer the most members by the end June, we will issue you an award and you will get ad free access to the site.

We hope that gives you some incentive to help our community grow. We appreciate all your hard work and thanks for being a member of our forums.

The rules of this contest are very simple. Refer New Members. If at the end of June 2012 you have the highest amount of Registrations with active users registered you will win.

The Winner will receive an award and will have their ads removed from their account.

We Wish you all the best of luck .

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