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A New Milestone - Kenshin's Plug To Encourage Posting

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In case anyone didn't know, there's an old forum board tradition on many I've been on to post milestone threats for reaching certain post counts. A way to get your 5 seconds of fame to have everyone congratulate you and to encourage posting. On all forums, the rules are simple, you cannot spam and troll your way up there so when you do reach it, people know you better from good posts and they can congratulate/thank you for being an active member of the community.

They also say something about the community as well since the member can't spam/troll their way up there, it means that there's a good active community for them to post in.

Typically post count milestones in smaller communities like ours go as follows:

  • 500 - To encourage the newest members to get active on the forums and consequently know people better. When people start hitting this more frequently, it means the community is starting to gain some momentum.
  • 1000 - By this time they're forum regulars in a healthy and steady community and are most likely to keep posting regulary.
  • 2000 - Same as above but with a bit more prestige to encourage you to keep going. Usually when people start hitting this more often the community has really started to move forward.
  • 5000 - If you've lasted this long you're usually one of the most well known/prominent members unless you've taken a few sabbaticals and even then you're recognized and appreciated for having come back. If you manage to reach this then the community must be going strong.
  • 10000 - By now, you're not just a regular member, you're one of the people that make the place what it is and have dedicated a lot of your time to be a member of this community and it's become a part of your life (which really shouldn't be surprising considering how we all like anime here).When people start reaching this the community must be thriving.
  • 20000 - Depending on how long it takes you to get here you may have finally removed all doubt that you have no life :P. Otherwise same as above and by now the forums has probably secured a spot on Big Boards.


So then, without further ado, I seem to be the first non-staff member to reach 500 posts!


Go me and thanks to everyone for giving me something to reply to! Lets all keep it up!

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Congrats on your 500th post Kenshin. You do have a valid point regarding post counts and how they are a milestone in community member's life. We do have a ranking system in case anyone didn't know.

Members will be ranked on the amount of posts in the forums. There are currently 12 ranks ranging from N00B13 to Otaku. The list below shows the ranks that normal members could achieve while using our community.

Number of Posts: Rank

0-9 N00B13

10-99 Nomad

100-249 Traveler

250-499 Resident

500-665 - Vampire

666 Naraku

667- 999 Ninja

1000-1999 Alchemist

2000-4999 Krusnik

5000-7999 Kira

8000-9999 Shinigami

10000+ Otaku

There will be rank icons associated with the ranks. At this time they aren't created yet. They will be added in the future.

There are some special Awards assigned to those who are deemed worthy of such a Award such as the Grand Otaku Rank

Forum Guidelines Version 1.2

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Yes and it's a good ranking system too. I get to be the first "Vampire" here. B)

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