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Sorry for the odd order to this doing te February set first and not doin the Sept first but it was on the info i had at hand. so the Fall big set will be called Innistrad. not too much info out on it now though there are some spoilers circling round the big place i can send you to is MTGsalvation. they all the spoiled cards as of right now. but the big thing that i wanna share with you all is these loverly pics and a quote from their artist......

This is the Art work that will Appear on the Cart Liliana of the Veil.......


this is the alt art that sadly wont be used but is still amazingly sexy and hot......


nuff said..........

and her is what Mr. Argyle said

I'm actually quite happy with how she turned out.

To everyone talking about the piece, both positive and negative, thank you. I'm in this for the players, and I'm always looking for ways to improve.

I knew going into it that I could not please everybody. Alexi Briclot, Kekai Kotaki, Terese Nieslon, Brad Rigney: all Gods of art that are tough acts to follow.

On the scar-tattoos: So, they show up when she casts. As you can see from some of the sketches, we'd considered going with a much darker, grittier Liliana. With stark lighting, her runes glowing from out of the cast shadow covering most of her body, and bleeding from her tattoos. In card form, she appears almost always with rune scars and ashen skin, but in the comic, and storyline, she appears as a beautiful young temptress. We felt that it was time to show her "sexy" persona in card form.

I have to say I agree on the fur cloak. I left it out of my first one, but it's in the other artwork she'll be appearing in. So, it's there to keep her outfit consistent, though compositionally it doesn't quite work.

The camera tilt -whether it's working or not- was intended to add a sense of unease. Yeah, she's supposed to be sexy, but also dangerous. I wanted the viewer to feel that "something's not right." Like she's coming for you, smiling, but you're the victim strapped to a sacrificial alter, just woken up by the clacking of her heels.

There is no artwork I've done so far that I am completely satisfied with. But I am pleased with this, and the response at Comic Con was very positive. (Not that folks are really going to come up to me afterward and say "Wtf? I liked you better when you made my Big Macs, you sell out!")

Anyhow, I'll keep on working at it.

Thanks again, everybody! Even if it's mixed review, I gotta say it's awesome to have a dozen pages of chatter about my work. Love to hear what people think!

till next time have fun and keep an eye out

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I like the alternate art work card. Though the way the card is depected looks like it could be a red card than a black card. but Either way. me likely

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I have to agree both artwork is very nice. I do like the alternate art work. I would think Naota would most likley want that as a poster.

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Some of the artwork is pretty awesome even for other cards in magic. I do have some of the magic posters from the fat packs. Just not enough wall real estate to put them up.

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heres some more interesting tid-bits for ya.....

dropcap_O.jpgn Monday, at the end of his annual "State of Design" article, Mark Rosewater dropped some hints about what's coming in Innistrad:

  • A card based on a silver-bordered white card
  • A token-making sorcery which makes more creature tokens than any previous token-making spell (not counting X spells or spells that make a variable number)
  • An enchantment that could let you play all your creatures for free
  • A spell that can deal 13 damage to multiple creatures for one mana (and yes, I mean 13 damage multiple times)
  • Many—and I'm talking more than a few—cards inspired by famous horror stories
  • A card that turns a loss into a win
  • A two-mana creature that lets you make a 2/2 creature each turn for two mana
  • A card that lets you exchange your life total with something you've never been able to exchange it with before


  • A planeswalker with five loyalty abilities

this is from the daily Arcana on the Wizards site should be an interesting set me thinks....

and heres another lil somethin somethin for ya.....


thats the link for the introduction to the A Planeswalker's Guide to Innistrad

i hope you enjoy!!!! ^_^

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sooo wizards announced the mechanics for innistrad and here they are

  • Double faced cards (yup double faced cards)
  • Morbid

-The morbid ability word indicates an ability that checks whether a creature died this turn. (Remember, "die" is the new terminology for a creature being put into the graveyard from the battlefield, introduced in Magic 2012.)Other morbid abilities may be triggered abilities, activated abilities, or abilities that change what an instant or sorcery spell does.

  • Flash back

The flashback mechanic makes its return in Innistrad. Flashback appears only on instants and sorceries.

You can cast a spell with flashback from your hand as normal. When it's in your graveyard, regardless of how it got there, you can cast it by paying its flashback cost instead of its mana cost. You can do this only at a time you could normally cast the card.If you cast a spell for its flashback cost, it's exiled as it leaves the stack

  • "curses"

​A Curse is an Aura that enchants a player and does something nasty to them.There aren't any special rules for Curses—they follow all the normal rules for Auras that enchant players—but there are some cards in Innistrad that refer to the Curse subtype. Note that Curses have enchant player, not enchant opponent, so you can enchant yourself with a Curse if you want to.

  • and the introdution of the ever green term "fights"

In addition to its block mechanics, Innistrad introduces a new evergreen rules term, fight.For a creature to fight another creature, each deals damage equal to its power to the other. A few finer points:

  • The damage is dealt simultaneously, and it is dealt by the creatures themselves, so abilities like deathtouch, lifelink, and infect will work as normal.
  • Damage dealt while fighting is not combat damage, so abilities like first strike won't have any effect.
  • Fighting doesn't cause the creatures to become tapped.
  • Only creatures can fight.
  • No more than two creatures can fight.
  • If a creature somehow fights itself, it will deal damage to itself equal to its power twice simultaneously.

well those are the terms and as for an explanation to the double faced cards..... i will give you this beautiful link from Wizards of the Coast


happy hunting and stay tuned for more spoilers and news

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Heres another lil something something for ya. It was told that some of the cards in the new set... possibly block... will represent, in theory, different things from classical horror stories and themes. heres a few that have been spoiled so far(as i can tell)

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll-Civilized Scholar
  • Mr. Edward Hyde-Homicidal Brute

  • Doctor Victor Frankenstien - Ludevic's test subject
  • The creature- Ldevic's Abomination.

  • Bat for of the Draculas-Screeching Bat
  • Count Dracula(in a way namely a wife)- Stalking Vampire

Well this is it as of right now and they can be subject to change as more spoilers are leaked also the list might get longer as i find out more comparisons

POSTERS NOTE : I didn't put up any for the Wolfman because there are like 5 different werewolves

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That information is quite cool. I like some of those new abilities. checking out some of those cards are pretty cool too. I think i may have some idea's for a new deck. But I will see what I can do when the set has more cards out or comes out all together.

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