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Rock Lee No Seisyun Fullpower Ninden

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I have not written a review until now. φ(゚ω゚*)♪

Unknown in whether this becomes a review.


This is a derivation work from NARUTO.

This is comedies!(=´∇`=)

Although Orochimaru and Kabuto come out,But it is a comedy.

Rock Lee are deep character.

The member of simplest "Mite guy team" is a main characters.

Rock Lee is always serious.

But, even when he is always serious, It becomes a comedy.

The scene which I like is the conte of Lee and Sakura.And Tsunade epsode funny.

Although they have deformed, it becomes a rarely realistic picture.(´艸`o)゚.+:

It is funny!


An official title is "SD Rock Lee no Seisyun fullpower ninden ."

When this title is translated, it is "Youth fullpower ninja's biography of Rock Lee".

"SD" is the abbreviation for "Sugoi Doryoku." Doryoku means it as efforts.

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