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Anime Weapons And Attack Spells!

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Lets test everyone's knowledge of weapons and spells used in various anime series. This is open to anything from swords, to guns, to spells that make things go BOOM, to them super secret martial art moves that make things dies, etc. Basically anything that is used for attacking others in anime series.


How this works is simple. You name the weapon/spell and the next poster will post the character/thing that uses it and the anime series it's from and then name a new weapon/spell for the next person to guess.




1st: poster: "Sakabato"

2nd poster: "Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin" "New weapon: DRAGOON System"

3rd poster: "ZGFM-X13A Providence Gundam from Gundan SEED" New weapon: xxxx"



I'll start off with something that should be easy enough everyone to guess to get us started:


New weapon: Kamehameha

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The Weapon the Travelling Man of the Cross Bears. The man of the cross is the traveller Nicholas D. Wolfwood!

Wolfwood Punisher.jpg

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