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  1. Gendo Ikari

    Anime Weapons And Attack Spells!

    One Punch Man's Punch.
  2. Gendo Ikari

    IchibanCon 2019

    I see you are hit with the Con Bug again. I am glad to see you getting out there again.
  3. Gendo Ikari

    Queen City Anime Convention 2018

    I am glad you had a good time at the convention Naota. It looks like you got some good photos.
  4. Gendo Ikari

    Who is your favorite Anime Character?

    Here is a good question for those who lurk in this forum. Who is your favorite anime character and Why?
  5. Gendo Ikari

    Whats your next cosplay?

    If I had additional time, I would go to cons and cosplay. But WOrk is busy and time off is a luxury I can't really afford.
  6. Gendo Ikari

    Millennium Earl

    You did well with your cosplay Naota. Now what you need to do is reduce the size of those electronics in Lero.
  7. Gendo Ikari

    Word Association

  8. Gendo Ikari

    Hey, I'm Steve

    Welcome to the forums Issac. You are more than welcome to participate and refer members here.
  9. Gendo Ikari

    Millennium Earl

    It is about time you did another cosplay.
  10. Gendo Ikari

    Queen City Anime Convention 2018

    This seems like a smaller convention. I want to know how this stacks to the other conventions you have gone to in the past such as Otakon, NYAF, NYCC and Hudson Valley Comic Con.
  11. Gendo Ikari

    My Hero One's Justice

    Who cares if they are similar. I just want to see how well they do with characters and game play.
  12. Gendo Ikari

    Whats your favorite anime movie

    I agree with @Dekkard. when you watch so many, you have to constantly keep rating them. But I like to keep them as favorites and move them around the list depending on my mood.
  13. Gendo Ikari

    What series are you currently into?

    LOL. I finished the series the other day. I am with you on having to wait for new episodes. but It is what it is. All you need to do is just wait.
  14. Gendo Ikari

    How do you get your Anime Fix?

    The series is quite good. I am in the process of reading the Manga to see how it is.
  15. Gendo Ikari

    Word Association