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  1. Gendo Ikari

    My Hero One's Justice

    This game looks fun. But it looks like many of the Marvel Vs Capcom and Naruto fighting games.
  2. Gendo Ikari

    Whats your favorite anime movie

    Paprika is a really good anime series. It is colorful and filled with lots of psychotropic visuals. The storyline is decent and overall its good.
  3. Gendo Ikari

    What series are you currently into?

    I have heard of that series. I haven't seen it. Do you recommend it?
  4. Gendo Ikari

    Word Association

  5. I like to play video games and Party Games.
  6. Gendo Ikari

    Photo Gallery

    Naota has implemented a new and improved photo gallery to the site. It is no longer using the outdated Coppermine. The software is integrated to the site so you only need one login. As single Sign On systems are far better than having to keep track of multiple of items.
  7. By Far my favorite series is Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  8. Gendo Ikari

    What series are you currently into?

    I am currently watching Kill La Kill and Guren Laggan. I know I am behind the times but I Have a large list of anime to watch.
  9. Gendo Ikari

    Word Association

  10. Gendo Ikari

    I am Gigantor

    Welcome to the club Gigantor
  11. Gendo Ikari

    How do you get your Anime Fix?

    I watch anime via streaming services. It is easier than anything else 😄
  12. Gendo Ikari

    Referrals System

    HV Anime Club has re-instated the Referrals System. You can access the referral system by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the screen, clicking on referral and filling out the form. Once the form is completed you can click save to send the emails. For each person you invite you will receive points. We may use these points in the future for contests. In the same menu, you can go into the settings option and you can get your referral link. This link you can put into Facebook, Twitter, or any website you choose to have referrals count.
  13. Gendo Ikari

    Tapatalk Mobile Support

    Haruka Village Anime supports the Tapatalk Forum Application. This application allows you to browse our forum using a mobile application. This application allows you to get instant Push Notifications, You can easily share photos, have access to private messaging, easy customization to the look and feel of the application and it makes it easy to participate. Not only does this application give you great mobile access to our forum, you can find other forums based on your interest using their community. Tapatalk is available on both iOS and Android for free. (note this is not a paid advertisement for tapatalk nor are they paid sponsor. We use this program as we feel it brings value to our community.)
  14. Gendo Ikari

    Word Association

  15. Gendo Ikari

    I am Gendo

    Greetings. My name is Gendo Ikari. I am one of Naota's good friend's. I was a member of one of the other forums that Naota mangaed and closed down many years ago due to some issues with some of the members planning a Coup d'état. With a swift blow Naota put the old forums into haiatus never to be re-opened again. Naota was gracious enough to allow me to have my old Moderator status back and 1/3 my old post count. I hope to get along with everyone here in the forums. It is my pleasure to meet all of you. This group seems to be filled with good individuals .