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  2. The new bowling ball is my strike ball and the timeless is my pickup ball

  3. At the bowling alley to test out the "no rules" bowling ball

  4. 1.5 pound Bavarian style pretzel

  5. Super troopers 2 was funny as f**k

  6. How come Kratos from the god of war game looks like a Norse version of Captain Spaulding from House of 1000 Corpses


  8. On my way home from by ny

  9. Just finished a 1 am to 7 am maintenance. Time for some sleep

  10. Looks like I will be staying in
    New york for another week

  11. Yes I would like a gluten free lapdance

  12. Time to hang out with Kevin Mozdziak

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  14. watching the royal rumble.

  15. Nothing sucks more then an oily 41 foot oil pattern that had carried down a full 60 feet