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  1. vash

    Looks Like we have a Cowboy Bebop Fan!. 

  2. vash

    Millennium Earl

    Looking Great Naota. Looking forward to see how you improve.
  3. vash

    Queen City Anime Convention 2018

    @naotathis is a nice write up of your con experience. It looks like you had a great time. The photos look top notch for your 8 nearly decade old Point and Shoot Camera. and i am very impressed with the turn out on your cosplay.
  4. vash

    What series are you currently into?

    I know that feeling. I just finished watching "My Wife is the Student Council President" and "My wife is a high school student" Both are funny. I also started watching Angels of Death on Funimation. Its really good.
  5. vash

    Hey, I'm Steve

    Welcome to the Forums Steve. We are an open community with no restrictions from where you are located. Anyone can join and participate. I head some stories from Naota and from what I have heard it was a great time. .
  6. vash

    Whats your next cosplay?

    Good for you. Enjoy the cosplay. Can't wait to see the photos.
  7. vash

    Millennium Earl

    Wow Naota, This is a blast from the past. Hope you have a good time.
  8. I don't use twitter. I think the concept is a bit meh. But hopefully you can get more exposure on this site by utilizing social media
  9. vash

    Anime Weapons And Attack Spells!

    You are correct Naota. The ball is in your court.
  10. vash

    How do you get your Anime Fix?

    @naota You have piqued my interest in regards to Steins;Gate . I may need to watch it next.
  11. vash

    Word Association

    "Of Brian" . - monty python reference 😉
  12. vash

    Anime Weapons And Attack Spells!

    The Punisher - Ballistic Weapon
  13. So far the results of the poll is quite interesting. I am still interested to see how this changes over time 😉
  14. vash

    I Am Vash The Stampede

    Thanks. Its been a while but I see were on the new version of the site.
  15. vash

    Gutten Taug

    Yo Dawg. Its about time you stepped back into this Realm. Have you been busy Attending to the Earls Quest for World Domination.