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  2. 1 egg + 2 slices of Canadian Bacon + whole wheat english muffin. = Tasty Breakfast

  3. Finally my work is completed from yesterday. I essentially pulled a double shift. Now I am tired but I can't sleep.😑

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  6. Thank you everyone for the Birthday Wishes!

  7. I think I could easilly pull off GRU for a cosplay.

  8. Victor Rohr Here you go

  9. I think I found a new guilty listening pleasure. Postmodern Jukebox rules.


  11. I have lost the game.

  12. Kevin Mozdziak We found your bretherine.

  13. Girr. Got a massive migrane. Luckily it died down a but but still there.

  14. Just finished watching the Anime Movie "Your Name." Really good movie. Great story line and great plot twist.

  15. Earlier
  16. The Wind is starting to pick up over here.

  17. I forgot its that time of the month to check the water level in my computer's radiator/reservoir.

  18. Just received the funniest spam email today.

    It Reads "Hey scumbag,

    STOP f**king CALLING ME! Breaking up with me does not the end of the world. Just move on you piece of [img][/img]. If you got something to say just it asshole! Pour your goddamn heart out."

    LOL. Relationship drama. Not for me since I have been single for a long time.

  19. Cabbits are awesome

  20. Rode into work this Morning and saw a beautiful sunrise

  21. Watching the anime series kiddy grade for the first time since 2002

  22. Having to have to reinstall microsoft office after an windows update because office though windows 10 is not an operating system.

  23. Off to take the puperoni to the vet

  24. can get 35% and free shipping on #CiscoCert #CCNP R&S products using code CCNPRS!! 📚🤓 You're welcome!

  25. Why is it when school openspeople drive, people drive like Donkey-Butts.

  26. The weather is drab today

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