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  1. Yesterday
  2. Josephine Boestfleisch made some zeppolis

  3. Last week
  4. Looking forward to zeppolis


  6. Rebuilding my NAS

  7. Out to get some practice then shopping

  8. Earlier
  9. Breakfast Pizza for the Win!

  10. Lol got 100 on this

  11. Bowled good last night on heavy oil. Avg 156 over 8 games

  12. Did good on the PBA pro shot called big Ben. Averaged 150

  13. Lanes f**king oily as f**k

  14. Ein has some strong words.

  15. Looking forward to midnight bowling at lake wylie bowl n bounce

  16. Just got my new ball.

  17. Sasha is just chillin

  18. Wake up in the morning feeling like [img][/img] is like WTF!

  19. The Fifth of November

    Remember, remember!
    The fifth of November,
    The Gunpowder treason and plot;
    I know of no reason
    Why the Gunpowder treason
    Should ever be forgot!
    Guy Fawkes and his companions
    Did the scheme contrive,
    To blow the King and Parliament
    All up alive.
    Threescore barrels, laid below,
    To prove old England's overthrow.
    But, by God's providence, him they catch,
    With a dark lantern, lighting a match!
    A stick and a stake
    For King James's sake!
    If you won't give me one,
    I'll take two,
    The better for me,
    And the worse for you.
    A rope, a rope, to hang the Pope,
    A penn'orth of cheese to choke him,
    A pint of beer to wash it down,
    And a jolly good fire to burn him.
    Holloa, boys! holloa, boys! make the bells ring!
    Holloa, boys! holloa boys! God save the King!
    Hip, hip, hooor-r-r-ray!

  20. I can feel the burn

  21. The crack runs the whole circumference of the bowling ball

  22. Gonna Go Midnight Bowling tonight at Lake Wylie Bowl N' Bounce at 11 P.M. Should be fun. :D

  23. Blessed be to all and have a blessed Samhain!

  24. Yay, my new mechanical keyboard arrived. It feels good to have the G910 Orion Spark again.

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