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Found 1 result

  1. naota

    Millennium Earl

    It is official. I Have taken my Millennium Earl Cosplay out of retirement. The jacket was stored well and is in good nick. It being washed on the Delicate Cycle then It will be tumbled dried on low. The Hat is nowhere to be found and the ears and glasses are pretty much destroyed. Looks Like I will need to purchase a Stove Pip Top Hat, Steampunk Glasses and new wood elf ears. Once that is done I can then adorn the hat and make it look like the Earls. I think this time around I won't have Lero, but instead have a walking Cane. I am still debating. It all depends on how much time I have. The last time I cosplayed as the Earl was back in 2009. Looks Like I will be making some improvements. Instead of the Pirate Boots which were uncomfortable and small, I will be using some SteamPunkeESC Engineer Boots. There will a traditional Stove Pipe Top Hat instead of that flimsy hat I originally had. I will resurrect the moon on the new hat and add some new adornments as the earls hat always changes. I'll Make sure I keep this thread updated as the Earl Takes Flight