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  1. Dekkard

    Anime Music/game Music

    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood had the best soundtrack
  2. Dekkard

    How Did You Get Into Anime?

    I remember first watching Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Samurai Pizza Cats, Speed Racer. I remember the good old days of Toonami.
  3. Dekkard

    What Video Games Are You Currently Playing?

    ..... I've just been playing Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer >.> I started Assassin's Creed Revelations about 2 months ago but haven't had much time to get back into it
  4. Dekkard

    Name That Anime Character

  6. Dekkard

    Gundam Pod

    I saw this on's article about top 5 or 8 games that are too awesome to be released in america
  7. Dekkard


    ok what do you think demos are for? If you pay for the game you get more features it's run off the computer instead of the browser.
  8. Dekkard


    *sigh* ok, what do bejeweled and civ 4 have to do with minecraft? I thought I titled this thread minecraft not pc games in general.
  9. Dekkard


    I believe the site has a limited free version you can play in browser but you have to pay for the full game (it's still in beta so you get a discount off the price I paid about 14.95 euros (about $20) for it)
  10. Dekkard

    Which Conventions Have You Attended?

    I doubt it, I'll have to see how much I can put into my savings by mid september and I have to see if my job will allow me the time off
  11. Dekkard

    Minecraft A pretty amazing sandbox game where you can build and do almost anything in a randomly generated world
  12. Dekkard

    Which Conventions Have You Attended?

    I've only been to NYAF twice ._.
  13. I have Wolf's Rain that I have yet to finish watching I have to start that one over agian, Trigun, the two you lent me (Princess Ressurection and Fate/Stay Night) and I have to finish watching Evangelion 2.22
  14. I have a bunch of box sets I have yet to watch yet, the last anime I marathoned until I finished was Samurai Champloo. I got Trigun the complete series a few weeks ago but haven't had time to watch it =(