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  1. Here is a poll for everyone. What kind of games do you like to play.
  2. vash

    Word Association

    This game was in the previous version of this forum and it was a good to get people posting.( thanks to @Kenshin for originally starting this thread). Rules are simple. One player will post a word/phrase. The next player will post a word or phrase they associate with the previous post. Lets see how long we can let this go. I'll start the game off. Anime
  3. vash

    I Am Vash The Stampede

    I am a peace loving, donut eating, girl crazy pacifist. I travels around "Planet Gunsmoke" (the name on the toy box) and tries to bring peace to where there once was chaos. Unfortunately I have no luck and wreaks more havoc than I can fix. My past is a mystery. Unbelievable rumors about me flow through the public like wind. I changed one of the Seven Cities into a mountain of rubble, made a big hole on the Fifth Moon, and some say I was directly involved in the Big Fall, the crash of the spaceships, over a hundred years ago. There are many who doubt my existence as this half legendary figure.
  4. vash

    How do you get your Anime Fix?

    @naota You have piqued my interest in regards to Steins;Gate . I may need to watch it next.
  5. vash

    Word Association

    "Of Brian" . - monty python reference 😉
  6. vash

    Anime Weapons And Attack Spells!

    The Punisher - Ballistic Weapon
  7. So far the results of the poll is quite interesting. I am still interested to see how this changes over time 😉
  8. vash

    I Am Vash The Stampede

    Thanks. Its been a while but I see were on the new version of the site.
  9. vash

    Gutten Taug

    Yo Dawg. Its about time you stepped back into this Realm. Have you been busy Attending to the Earls Quest for World Domination.
  10. vash

    Anime Weapons And Attack Spells!

    Eva Units from Evangelion
  11. vash

    Whats your next cosplay?

    I know that conventions are fun and its a great thing to do. I think the best part of going to conventions is seeing those who dress up in cosplay. Seeing how others think of their favorite characters and how they want to display their love of the craft is amazing. So here is a good question for everyone. What is your next cosplay? For me I would like to do something in the lines from the Space Pirate, Captain Harlock World. Perhaps Yattaran or Tochiro
  12. vash

    My Hero One's Justice

    In October, 2018 There is a new game out. Its called My Hero One's Justice. According to Gamestop The game play looks pretty good. its a fighting game. I am looking forward to playing this game.
  13. What is your favorite anime movie? At this time my current favorite movie is "A silent voice". The movie is filled with good writing. The plot is excellent and there is a lot of twists in it. If you are looking for a movie that has Laughter, crying, drama and everything in between this movie has it all for you.
  14. I like to read web manga's and comics. My favorite webcomic/manga is Megatokyo followed by Questionable Content. As for regular manga I like Trigun and Helsing.
  15. vash

    Word Association

  16. vash

    How do you get your Anime Fix?

    I am partial to the streaming services. It is easier than having to go into and keeping physical copies.
  17. vash

    Word Association

  18. vash

    Queen City Anime Convention 2018

    I see you have the photo gallery back online. I am looking forward to seeing the photos.
  19. vash

    Word Association

  20. vash

    Hello, I am naota

    It is running much smoother. I like that is is working as intended. Hopefully we can get this site more visibility. I want to see this site grow.
  21. vash

    I am Gendo

    Hey Gendo Long time no speak. How are you doing?
  22. vash

    I am Gigantor

    Hi Gigantor.
  23. vash

    Word Association

  24. vash

    Queen City Anime Convention 2018

    I would if I wasn't living in another state. However, I do look forward to seeing your review and photos.
  25. vash

    Word Association

    Graphic Novels.