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  1. 1.5 pound Bavarian style pretzel

  2. Super troopers 2 was funny as f**k

  3. How come Kratos from the god of war game looks like a Norse version of Captain Spaulding from House of 1000 Corpses


  5. On my way home from by ny

  6. Just finished a 1 am to 7 am maintenance. Time for some sleep

  7. Looks like I will be staying in
    New york for another week

  8. Yes I would like a gluten free lapdance

  9. Time to hang out with Kevin Mozdziak

  10. Study Tips! Get the most out of your studying as your prepare for# Cisco Certifications (#CCNA, #CCNP, #CCIE) with these free resources:

  11. watching the royal rumble.

  12. Nothing sucks more then an oily 41 foot oil pattern that had carried down a full 60 feet

  13. Back in new york. Time for some breakfast and then some sleep

  14. Just entered Virginia

  15. New York here I come